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About us

Gallery "Seasons"

Gallery "Seasons" was opened on 23.09.1993.
Manager: Margarita Vidralska

Seasons Gallery was opened on September 23rd, 1993 with paintings exhibition by Dimitar Kazakov-Neron, on the occasion of his 60th anniversary. Through regular solo and collective exhibitions of famous artists such as Dimitar Kazakov-Neron, Lika Yanko, Aleksandar Mutafov, Tihomir Kodzhamanov, Zlatka Dabova, Galin Malakchiev, Tsvetina Shtilyanova, the gallery demonstrates a larger spectrum of the Bulgarian plastic culture in the field of painting, engraving, small plastic works, drawing and applied arts.

In September 2009, the European Expert’s Forum awarded Seasons gallery and its Manager Margarita Vidralska a “Golden Book” for contributions to the development of the Bulgarian culture. The gallery was given an official honorary status of an Institution of High Standing and Social Recognition in the field of Culture. The honors were given for the overall activities of Seasons gallery and for its contribution to the legalization of works of art trade.

Seasons gallery is located in the central part of Sofia, 2A “Krakra” Str., in the region where most of the cultural landmarks are located, and in the heart of the capital. The gallery occupies a space of 110 square meters and an additional space of 20 square meters that allows for an all-around-the-year display of previously unseen works as well as works, that are not part of the current exhibition. The gallery holds a collection of more than 150 original works of art from 20th century to present day, from the large scale paintings by Magda Abazova, Svetlin Rusev, Boris Denev, Vasil Stoilov, Zlatyu Boyadzhiev, to lithography works by Joan Miró, Man Ray, Jean Cocteau, Marc Chagall, sculptures by Boyan Raynov, Andrey Nikolov, Galin Malakchiev, that represent just a small part of the gallery collection.

Since 1993 Seasons gallery has organized more than 300 exhibitions of Bulgarian and foreign authors. The gallery displays contemporary art and the gallery activity is focused on the leading artists in that field. Some of the latest solo exhibitions of Bulgarian authors in Seasons gallery are: “Kragovrat” (“Cycle”) by Boyan Kirkov, a Bulgarian artist, who lives and works in Belgium, a retrospective exhibition by the artist Yordanka Radeva and Yasen Gyuzelev – “Yasen Gyuzelev between Charles Dickens and Lewis Carroll” – Yasen Gyuzelev’s original drawings as illustrations for the books “Alice in Wonderland” by Lewis Caroll, as published by “Simply read books”, Vancouver, 2003; “Oliver Twist” by Charles Dickens, as published by “Walker books”, London, “Great Expectations” by Charles Dickens.
Seasons gallery supports a rich international activity with galleries in the USA, Russia, Austria, Germany, France, Singapore, and many others. The latest exhibitions, organized within the Seasons gallery programme for Bulgarian and foreign artists exchange are: “Pleasure is mine”, by Eduardo Alvarado (Spain), Vesna Pavlović (Serbia), “New Approaches to the Contemporary Expressive Forms of Engraving”, an exhibition by Adam Pantic, Vladimir Milanovic and Mane Radmanovic (Serbia), organized in cooperation with Liliana Tashich from Graphic Center, Belgrade; “In a conversation” – Kalina Kraleva (Bulgaria) and Rakesh Bani (India), “The Bulgarian Years” – Marie-Chantal Biela (Belgium) – a solo exhibition of the Belgian artist, representing works created during the period in which she has worked in Bulgaria.

Seasons gallery takes part in a number of joint projects together with the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sofia great municipality, the Union of Bulgarian Artists, Koprivshtitsa municipality and others. The gallery hosts, together with the Union of Bulgarian Artists (UBA), the National Annual Exhibitions “Engraving – small scale”. Seasons gallery organizes and funds an annual plain-air “Proletni vodi”, dedicated to the Bulgarian art traditions and folklore, following the 55th anniversary of the establishment of the National Folklore Ensemble “Filip Kutev” on the topic of contemporary Bulgarian landscape - "Seven contemporary artists drawing Koprivshtitsa" and the topic “Sofia through the Eyes of 10 Artists”. Traditionally, Seasons gallery grants its own exhibition space and encourages the work of children artists through a National Exhibition – competition for children's drawing"; also encouraged are the debuts of Bulgarian artists and young authors, who have graduated from the National Academy of Art.

Seasons gallery also realizes curator projects by Rayna Yotova: “The Fifth Season”) and “The Fifth Element” – a meeting point of 20 artists with indescribable talent and presence in the contemporary art; a curator’s project by the art critic Krasimir Iliev from Sofia City Art Gallery; a retrospective exhibition by Evgeniya Vodenicharova. Seasons gallery also presents a curator's project by Diana Draganova-Shtir, titled „On the move”, that encompasses various artistic practices – installation, objects, conceptual photography, paining and video by six authors from Bulgaria, Turkey and Germany. 
Seasons gallery also presents a number of exhibition projects, related to music art - JAM-АRT Sessions. The gallery is among the few private owned Sofia galleries that has an atrium, suitable for musical performances. The growing popularity of musical events and jam sessions made them an integral part of the artistic exhibitions organized by Seasons gallery. 
Seasons gallery organizes charity initiatives, such as the exhibition and charity auction: “Artists supporting the establishment of a center for treatment of malignant brain tumors following the “specific immunotherapy” method, together with Foundation “Stay”, UVT, Bulgarian Association of Neuro-oncology and University General Hospital for Active Treatment “Sveti Ivan Rilski". Academician Svetlin Rusev, Nadezhda Kuteva, Dimitar Voynov, Prof. Ivan Dimov, Prof. Bozhidar Yonov and many other artists participate in this initiative, through their works, free of charge. Seasons gallery organizes a charity Christmas exhibition-auction of the artist Boyan Kirkov, who lives in Belgium, aimed at helping a Center for mentally ill women in the village of Butan. 
Seasons gallery offers consultancy services for private and corporate clients in order to provide them with access to works of art that reflect their own personal style and taste or such that capture the spirit of a company. 
Seasons gallery is one of the few galleries authorized by the Ministry of Culture to hold auctions with works of art, pursuant to the Cultural Heritage Act of the Republic of Bulgaria.


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