Seasons Gallery presents masters of painting 8th to 20th October 2014
Opening: 18:00
Date: 01.03 - 15.03.2019


 Gallery "Seasons" opens doors, presenting a remarkable collection of works by Bulgarian artists - "masters" of painting. The exhibition provides an opportunity to meet some of the rarely displayed works of the most esteemed classic authors.

 The current exhibition at Gallery "Seasons" presents works by Magda Abazova, great artist who influenced Bulgarian plastic culture with her work - comparable with European modern art trends. Interesting for Bulgarian collectors are the works of Encho Pironkov, Konstantin Mikrenski, Vassil Ivanov, Ivan Trichkov, Kurt Peters and Ivan Halatchev.

 Slogan "Works for connoisseurs" applies exclusively to this distinctive collection. Among the highlights there are two fine watercolor works by DechkoUzunov, expressionist paintings of legendary Genko Genkov, classic mountain landscape by Hristo Ionchev-Kriskarets.

 Undoubtedly, the unique landscape of Bulgarian artist Ivan Trichkov will cause interest, one of the biggest Bulgarian landscape artists. Many believe that the word "beautiful" should not be used in art, but exactly this word comes to mind when we look at the Trichkov’s landscape. It tempts you with an exact pattern, the game of shadows and lights, gentle color. Ivan Trichkov creates the landscapes from nature, carefully selects viewpoint to achieve harmony in colors and shapes. He painted StaraPlanina, Rila and Vitosha in different seasons and times of day with rare realism.

 Especially noteworthy are the works of less familiar Denyu Chokanov, rare for fine art exhibitions are the Turnovo streets and landscapes of Chokanov, as they continue to demonstrate aesthetic influence today. Little is known about the biography of Ivanka Ksenofonova presented in the exhibition "Portrait of a Girl", art historians have yet to explore the creative journey of the artist, but the quality of her works and are indisputable.

 This exhibition is special, not only because of the quality of works, but because the past and present shows us the distinctive artistic expression of several generations.

 We are waiting for you.



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